Sunday Independent 08/07/12

Sunday Independent 08/07/12

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Enjoy the garden without getting your hands dirty...

“It’s that time of year again when we all develop a passing interest in what’s going on in our gardens.

We mostly spend this time catching up on the work that winter and 9 months of disinterest has created, so by the time the garden is in order, it is time to lose interest again until next summer.

Inevitably, great plans for the herb garden and veggie patch are never realised and the best you’ve managed to do is to hang a pre-planted geranium hanging basket.

For those of you who are dolefully nodding your heads right now, we have a great way for you to enjoy the garden without getting your hands dirty.  The Baltimore based husband and wife team behind Quercus have created a beautiful bird seed dispenser, called the Seedpod.  A gorgeous sculptural addition to the garden, each Seedpod is turned in Ireland in native oak and will attract all sorts of hungry birds.”