Top Tips for Crabbing

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These crab lines will provide hours of fun for all the family.

Each line has 4 metres of line, a special rubber band to hold a stone as a weight and a wooden peg to hold the bait.

Made from fsc birch ply and hand printed in a distinctive crab design it comes complete with a ruler to compare your catch! No hooks are needed as crabs are so greedy they won’t let go, especially if you use bacon!

How to use your crab line

  1. Find a good spot with access to slightly deeper water, about 4-8 feet.  Make sure children are wearing lifejackets and are well supervised.  You won’t catch much on a shallow sandy beach.  The best places are off the sides of slipways, pier steps or rocks.
  2. Find a good sized pebble and put it in the rubber band to act as a weight. Bait your line by getting a rasher of bacon and fixing it securely into the peg, strangely enough, smoky bacon works best!
  3. Lower your baited line into the sea until it sits on the bottom.  Leave for 5-10 minutes and then gently pull it up and have a look.
  4. If you have caught a crab, slowly pull in the line.  The crab will grip tightly onto the bacon even when you lift it out of the water.
  5. Gently shake them off into a bucket of seawater or release them.
  6. Shore crabs are not edible, so treat them gently and release them unharmed back into the sea.  If you keep the crabs in the bucket for a while, be sure to release them after about an hour as they will get too warm.