Need a little help?

Read some of these articles for extra tips on how to use your Quercus product.

Deterring Squirrels

Though not a problem here in west Cork, we have had a report of a rogue squirrel taking a fancy to a Seedpod Bird Feeder! There is a simple solution to this problem that we have picked up from the RSP... + read more

Top Tips for Crabbing

These crab lines will provide hours of fun for all the family. Each line has 4 metres of line, a special rubber band to hold a stone as a weight and a wooden peg to hold the bait. Made from fsc birc... + read more

Re-filling Your Seedpod

Re- filling your Seedpod is easy! It's a little messy but the birds will love you for it! First you will need to decide which seed mix to use. You will find seed for sale at garden centres, pet shops... + read more

Seedpod Care

To help keep your birds healthy it is important that all bird feeders and birdbaths are cleaned regularly. The Seedpod is treated with Danish Oil.  To clean your Seedpod just give it a wash with... + read more