Seedpod Care

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To help keep your birds healthy it is important that all bird feeders and birdbaths are cleaned regularly.

The Seedpod is treated with Danish Oil.  To clean your Seedpod just give it a wash with some warm soapy water taking care to clean the inside, you don't want to remove all the protective oil but rather just to remove any old food and disinfect it generally. Give it a good rinse and when it's dry give it a light rub with some vegetable oil to keep it happy. Please never put it in the dish washer!

To keep your Seedpod looking as good as new you should oil it occasionally and especially if you notice it looking dry or faded. Ordinary vegetable oil is fine, (olive oil gets rather mucky). Frequency will vary with the weather and you will know when it needs some.

The string we use is ordinary jute garden twine which we chose partly because we like the look of it but more importantly because it is biodegradable. This does mean that it will need to be changed from time to time. This is quite easy and if you look inside your Seedpod when it is empty you should be able to make out the knot on the end of the string.

Below is some good advice from the R.S.P.B.

We really want you to enjoy your Seedpod and any feedback is always welcome.