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Oak Barbeque Chips


Our oak chips are 100% Natural Irish Oak and add a distinct oak smoked flavour to barbequed fish or meat. People have been using our oak chips to produce everything from artisan oak smoked salmon here in west Cork, to giving a toasty oak flavour to wine.  We thought everyone should have the opportunity to try them! 


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To Use on the BBQ:

Soak the chips for about 1 hour before you need them. The chips work best on barbeques with a lid.

For charcoal or wood BBQ's, throw them directly on the glowing coals as you start cooking.
If you have a gas grill, use a smoker tray or make your own using kitchen foil.  Make a packet using a couple of handfuls of the wet chips folded into a square of foil. Use a fork to punch several holes on the top of the packet and place it directly onto the grill next to the food. It smokes up wonderfully!