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Seedpod Bird Feeder (SOLD OUT)


Sadly the Seedpod is no longer available.

Turned in Ireland from native Irish hardwood, every Seedpod Bird Feeder is individual. 

The Seedpod is the first product by Quercus.  It was designed as a safer and more attractive way of feeding garden birds the high energy fat and seed mix they need to get them through the long winters. 

The Seedpod comes ready filled with a high quality seed mix as recommended by the RSPB.  You can refill them yourself using our recipe for seedcake, a commercially available fat ball, or your own individual mixture tailored to your own garden birds.


Remember, free shipping for all orders over €100 within Ireland and the EU. Shipping outside the EU?


Your SEEDPOD is designed to be hung either singly or in groups from trees and shrubs or from any likely spot that can be readily seen by you.  Remember to hang it out of reach of cats and other dangers!


Being made from wood, rain and sunlight will act together to turn it to a characteristic dark silver colour over time.  In case you prefer to keep it looking like new, we have treated it with a special oil which will protect it for a short while.  


Your SEEDPOD comes ready filled with a general purpose wild bird seedcake. (Make your own by mixing 1part hard fat to 5 parts seed by weight) See our blog for further details.  Different seed mixes will attract different birds so the menu is up to you.  You can also use ready-made fat balls which you just push in, (after removing the plastic netting as this could be a danger to small birds.)


Your SEEDPOD will be simpler to re-fill if you can get it down easily.
Birds will often take a few days to notice a new feeder.
NOT for human consumption

Learn more with these How tos

Deterring Squirrels

Though not a problem here in west Cork, we have had a report of a rogue squirrel taking a fancy to a Seedpod Bird Feeder! There is a simple solution to this problem that we have picked up from the RSP... + read more

Re-filling Your Seedpod

Re- filling your Seedpod is easy! It's a little messy but the birds will love you for it! First you will need to decide which seed mix to use. You will find seed for sale at garden centres, pet shops... + read more

Seedpod Care

To help keep your birds healthy it is important that all bird feeders and birdbaths are cleaned regularly. The Seedpod is treated with Danish Oil.  To clean your Seedpod just give it a wash with... + read more